Wave Motion Special Issue on Theoretical and numerical advances in wave science freely available until 7th Aug 2020

1Montiel et al Theoretical and numerical advances in wave science
2Mitsotakis et al On some model equations for pulsatile flow in viscoelastic vessels
3Chabchoub et al Drifting breathers and Fermi–Pasta–Ulam paradox for water waves
4Kalyanaraman et al On the shallow-water limit for modelling ocean-wave induced ice-shelf vibrations
5Mosig et al A transport equation for flexural-gravity wave propagation under a sea ice cover of variable thickness
6van Wijk et al A modified Hankinson Equation for the wave speed of laser ultrasound in Radiata Pine
7Meylan The time-dependent vibration of forced floating elastic plates by eigenfunction matching in two and three dimensions
8Vinogradova et al Full wave analysis of plane wave diffraction by a finite sinusoidal grating: E-polarization case
9Sorokin On the effects of damping on the dynamics of axially moving spatially periodic strings
10Douglas et al Numerical approximation to Benjamin type equations. Generation and stability of solitary waves
11Kirby & Duan Guided wave propagation in cylindrical ducts with elastic walls enclosing a fluid moving with a uniform velocity
12Rupprecht et al On the calculation of wave attenuation along rough strings using individual and effective fields
13Alberello et al Observation of turbulence and intermittency in wave-induced oscillatory flows
14Fadaeiazar et al Wave turbulence and intermittency in directional wave fields
15Stout et al Egocentric physics: Summing up Mie

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